Explosive EastEnders storyline for 'feisty' new sisters revealed

Masood Ahmed’s nieces Iqra and Habiba will burst onto the scene next week and will cause a lot of drama as they set their sights on a Walford business.

The sisters cause commotion as they make their first explosive appearance on EastEnders.

Their uncle is shocked to see them in Albert Square and quizzes them on exactly why they are in Walford.

Iqra (Priya Davdra) quickly insists that they have arrived to look after the restaurant while Masood is away – but why are they really here?

He later catches them telling the agency staff that they are not needed.

Iqra and Habiba will burst onto the scene next week

Masood is shocked to see his nieces turning up on the Square


Later, the pair begin to drum up business for the restaurant in the Queen Vic and immediately get on the wrong side of the Slaters.

However Habiba is not too impressed when she overhears Mick telling Kat off for not doing her job properly.

As a result, Habiba hatches a plan and knocks her drink over Mick. The fire alarm then goes off and Iqra spots Habiba sneaking out of the side door – what is she up to?

A the end of the week, Habiba is incredibly enthusiastic about getting back to work, confident that they can make a success of the restaurant.

Iqra and Habiba decide to drum up business in the Queen Vic

Habiba is up to mischief

When Iqra suggests calling home for help, Habiba immediately shoots down her suggestion.

On a roll, Habiba enlists Ruby’s help for a promotional event but Iqra worries about how they are going to pay her. Habiba brushes off her worries and reveals how she managed to obtain the money…

Actress Rukku Nahar, who plays Habiba, teased what viewers can expect from the sisters.

Habiba is keen to enlist Ruby’s help for a promotional event

Ruby is a little sceptical but goes along with it

"When the sisters come in, they do cause a bit of trouble, they’re not intending to do that but it does happen," Rukku revealed. "I feel like they’ll bring a lot of excitement and fun, they’re really funny together.

"Also, I think even though they seem like they’re enjoying themselves, there is a serious side to them and even more so with Iqra.

"I think that’s what can cause Habiba to not have so much of a serious head on when it comes to life. She wants to try and take the stress off her sister and enjoy herself."

*EastEnders airs Mondays and Fridays at 8pm  and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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